The Sacrifice



On the day before her arranged marriage to a much older man, Leila, a 15 year old Asian girl from London, has her Haldi ceremony with female relatives and friends. Her sister, determined to help her escape this unhappy fate, has enlisted the help of Margot, her English girlfriend. Together they wait for the right moment. (2018, 5min)

Arri Trinity Challenge shorts scheme sponsored by ARRI and Directors UK.

Writer/Director: Shona Carlton
Cinematographer: Pascale Neuschäfer
Trinity Operator: Sébastien Joly
Camera: Alexa Mini LF + Arri Signature Prime
Colourist: Jason Moffat

Festivals & Nominations:
NOMINATED “Best Indie Short”, Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, 2020)
NOMINATED “Best Child Actor”, Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, 2020)

London Independent Film Festival (London, 2020)
Women of the Lens Festival (UK, 2020)
One Take Film Festival, Number 10 (Croatia, 2020)
Tweet Fest, UK (London 2020)